DataScan’s Three-Stage Digital Transformation — Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce Blog

DataScan’s Three-Stage Digital Transformation

  • As a team, they concluded their systems needed upgrades, data migration, a community unique to them, Experience Cloud™ and Service Cloud™. All of which catered to their customers and met their goals. They were able to have a platform that enables them to store and manage customer data.
  • During the planning phase, they designed their solution to be fully functional and aligned with their goals.
  • Engaging with clients in a consistent manner is pivotal in their success, so undergoing a digital transformation that connected silos within their business was a priority. Communicating with clients in a cohesive, unified way was the objective of their client-facing digital transformation.
  • Throughout their progression of implementing, supporting and promoting their efforts, collaboration allowed teams to adapt to the new system. Investing in technology is a huge commitment, however, building relationships and loyalty in customers pays off which was their goal.



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Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle

Mike is the Digital Marketing Manager for Ad Victoriam Solutions, creating website and marketing content, and overseeing analytics/advertising & digital tools.