How Salesforce and MuleSoft Create a Seamless Customer Experience

MuleSoft as a Catalyst to Making Your Data Available

MuleSoft as a Catalyst to Making Your Data Available
  • CloudHub: An enterprise-class cloud-based integration platform that allows organizations to utilize Anypoint Connectors to develop integration flows that connect applications and create new APIs, in addition to existing data sources. CloudHub makes it possible to connect with SaaS and on-premises applications and services at cloud speed.
  • Anypoint Connector: A library of reusable extensions that allow MuleSoft to integrate with both legacy and SaaS systems to enable seamless data processes. With access to multiple APIs, businesses can build connectivity and deliver real-time data across the business ecosystem.
  • DataWeave: This is powered by the data language and is designed to filter, extract, and transform one or more different types of data together to create another data format, such as XML and Java to JSON. DataWeave does support a wide range of file types, including flat and structured data, which provide a flexibility that can help the businesses cope with systems using different data formats per process.
  • Database Connectivity: The Database Connector can be downloaded from Anypoint Connectors to establish a connection with almost any relational database and perform SQL queries. This allows the organizations to access the data in the database without writing additional code to bypass the authentications.

Visualize Your Data in Real Time

What are the Challenges in Understanding the Data and Why Salesforce?

Business Partners Make Each Other Better



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